Why GreaterDaytonWorks.com?

GreaterDaytonWorks.com is a regional job portal, built and maintained by Kwantek, which makes searching for career opportunities and/or searching for qualified candidates easier than ever. This site offers a solution for the biggest concern about on-line job posting systems - locality of interest.

Myth: I need national coverage to maximize my recruiting exposure.

Reality: 99% of all hires are local. It is far more important to have a high penetration into the local job seeker pool than a large national pool. The number one complaint about national job boards is that a high percentage of respondents don't have an interest in working in our region. This wastes employer's time and money. Respondents that have already registered with GreaterDaytonWorks.com obviously interested in the Dayton region and have local knowledge of the area.

GreaterDaytonWorks.com will provide you with locally interested candidates that do not need convincing to stay in or return to our region. Therefore, you spend your time determining the best candidates for your job opening, instead of weeding-out those people that aren't really interested in working in the Dayton area.

The portal provides real-time job matching against skills required for a position, eliminates duplication of resumes submitted for a particular job, protects the privacy of the recruiter, notifies job seekers when a position for which they have applied has been filled, and many other features intended to save both "hunter and hirer" time and trouble.

The portal is free to all job seekers. Once registered, seekers can use the Job Search tool to locate and apply for full- and part-time jobs, co-op/intern positions, and civic leadership (volunteer) positions. Also, the job seeker can upload up to 5 customized resumes, store native resume formats (Word, PDF, Text, RTF, etc.) on our servers for free and create a professional profile, which provides them continuous notification about future relevant career opportunities.

Employers who post jobs will be able to access resumes of candidates interested in their open positions and the system includes job matching capabilities, skill-based resume sorting, applicant tracking, compliance management tools and background screening. Various pricing options are available. Employer information can be obtained by clicking here or by calling a Kwantek Representative at 1-888-KWANTEK.

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Job Candidates
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Our Matching Engine goes to work finding relevant candidates.
All candidates pass through the Matching Engine and are asked of their interest in the position.
The Result. Qualified, interested candidates who fit your needs are now ready to interview and hire.